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Stuck for a present? Give a gift voucher


Sometimes you just can't find the right present and it can be very frustrating can't it? Well here to solve all your present woes is a beautiful gift voucher for any amount you choose. 

A gloriously heavy weight card with a quality envelope is sent to you to give to whomever you wish. The amount is written in my my own fair hand when you tell me how much you would like it for and all you have to do is choose the amount you would like and add it to the cart. In the messages tell me how much you would like it for (if it is different) and if you would like me to write their name on the card in my lovely handwriting!

It will come winging its way to you within a couple of days and viola you can hand it over in person with a suitable flourish or pop it into a card and send it to them, either way I'm sure they'll be delighted. If you would like me to send it to the person directly just let me know and it shall be done, obviously when you let me know their address x

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